Planning a kitchen renovation

  • August 7, 2019


The kitchen is the heart of the home!  On any given day, chances are you spend a good amount of your time at home in the kitchen.  It is no surprise that many homeowners quickly realize the annoyances and shortfalls of their current space.  These might be minor things such as limited storage space or less than ideal layout, or larger issues such as inaccessibility, lack of venting or deterioration.

After trying to make the space work, you decide that your kitchen needs a renovation.  So, where do you start?

There are a few things to consider before picking out the countertops and appliances.

Does the current layout work for you and your family’s needs?  Are appliances located in the optimal spot for your purposes?  Do you really want a breakfast bar that you currently don’t have?  Would you prefer the sink located in a different area than it currently is? Are some cabinets almost completely inaccessible? Is there enough countertop space for you to work on?

Making a list of the things you like and dislike about your current layout will help your contractor design the space that is just right for you.

You might have small children and the kitchen feels tight already.   You might love to entertain and would like an open concept kitchen that flows with the rest of your main floor.  You might have family members with specific access needs and the current layout doesn’t work.  Whatever your family and life situation, the kitchen needs to meet your needs.  It is also important to consider your family life right now as well as 10 years from now.  You will want your newly renovated kitchen to still feel optimal years from now.

A kitchen renovation is a major undertaking that should be budgeted for accordingly.  A realistic budget will help you and the contractor you choose to work with carve out a plan to deliver your vision while respecting your finances.  You may want a gourmet, state of the art kitchen but your budget might be a limiting factor.  This doesn’t mean that your dream kitchen will not happen, it means cost savings and adjustments might have to be looked at.  An experienced contractor should be able to guide you through the process and make suggestions on how make that happen.

During the renovation you will be without a functional and usable kitchen for a good amount of the time.  It’s important to think about timing your renovation appropriately to minimize disturbance to you and your family.  Customers sometimes think that planning a two-week vacation during their renovation is ideal.  We would disagree as there are many decisions the homeowner needs to make during the renovation process.  Being on site and working closely with your contractor is key to having a successful renovation.

Do you have children that will be home for the summer?  It might not be the best time to start your renovation, putting if off until the fall might be a better idea which saves you a lot of unnecessary stress.

A high-quality, experienced contractor can guide you in the process of designing your dream kitchen and make it an exciting and positive experience.

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