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  • December 2, 2014

There is something about an under-used basement that screams ‘wasted potential’. How many times have you walked downstairs to drop off another box of old cloths or Christmas decorations and thought to yourself ‘this space should be doing so much more’. That’s the same feeling I get every time I see a seldom used basement that is just ripe for an innovative renovation. It’s what drove me to found the Basement Renovations Company. Underdeveloped basements have become a new arena of creativity for homeowners, and I have spent years helping families turn their basements into tailor made family spaces. This article is a chance for me to share some of my experience and some ideas for a really great basement renovation.

Bedroom/Bathroom conversion.

Always a big favorite with big families. Having the kid’s home at Christmas can make accommodating everyone a stretch, especially when your children start bring home kids of their own! Converting a basement into an extra bedroom is one of the more commonplace renovations and doesn’t generally present too many unforeseen challenges. Success comes from choosing the right furniture and decor to suit the space. A bathroom conversion, however, can present more of a challenge in terms of additional plumbing and tiling work. That said, an extra bathroom can help avoid a lot of bickering during the morning rush so maybe it’s worth the additional effort!

Games Room/Man Cave.

The ultimate fantasy for the man of the house. Basement spaces can easily be altered and adjusted to suit whatever game occupies your passion, such as pool tables, dart boards etc. If you are expecting guests then living room features such as armchairs and side tables are a must. They add comfort to the look and more seating areas help define a large space.

Home Gym

Working out at home has fast become an essential time-saver in our increasingly fast paced work and life schedules. However, most rooms in the house aren’t up to the kind of wear and tear you get when operating heavy gym equipment. Basements are ideal for this purpose as they are out of the way and full of potential for adjustments and built-ins, such as installing a pull up bar into the basement wall structure.

Kids Playroom

Speaking of wear and tear, most parents I’ve met would agree that nothing wreaks havoc on house decor like active children. A smart basement renovation can create a colorful, stimulating and safe environment for your children’s playtime. Built-in storage units are a great idea in this situation to maximize storage options. The finishing touches are up to you and your kids. I’ve seen everything from simple wall blackboards to an indoor basement slide!

Home Theater

On the surface this might sound like a very expensive renovation to achieve but in reality the basic set up can be accomplished relatively easily and after that it’s up to you to accessorize! I’ve seen decors that range from the very tasteful and understated all the way to good old cinema chic decor, complete with olden style cinema seats and popcorn maker!

…Or a combination of all of the above!

The truth is the best renovations of those that cater specifically to the needs of your family. That’s why it is often a combination of some or even all of the elements mentioned above that manages to fit the bill exactly. Be clever with your basement space and you’ll find that there is any number of efficient ways to satisfy several needs in one renovation.

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